Goofy is a character you can Welcome into the Kingdom. Mickey Mouse hires Goofy as the official handyman of the park.

Level Up Tokens Edit


Tasks Edit

Stars Magic Time +
Run in Panic 1 5 60s
Check the Fun Wheel 7 40 60min
Visit Mickey's 7 40 60min
Attend a Show 10 75 2h
High Five! 13 100 2h Mickey Mouse
Jamboree 13 100 2h Mickey Mouse
Play the Tuba 13 110 4h
Change a Lightbulb 13 110 4h
Hang Out at Goofy's Playhouse 17 150 4h Mickey Mouse
Work as Handyman 16 155 6h
Friend Coming Over 20 210 6h Mickey Mouse
Group Music Trip 20 210 6h Mickey Mouse
Food with a Friend 25 270 8h Mickey Mouse
Sandwich Eating 29 275 12h
Grabs a Bite 39 325 18h

Gallery Edit

Mickey and Friends
Pluto / Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse / Goofy / Daisy Duck / Donald Duck / Pete

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