Mickey Mouse is the first character you see when you start playing and the main character of the whole game.

Level Up Tokens Edit

>Mickey Mouse/Tokens

Tasks Edit

Stars Magic Time +
Search For Friends 1 5 60s
Research Magic 7 40 60min
Hang Out at Home 10 75 2h
Play Trumpet 10 75 2h
High Five! 13 100 2h Goofy
Jamboree 13 100 2h Goofy
Hang Out at Goofy's Play House 17 150 4h Goofy
Friend Coming Over 20 210 6h Goofy
Group Music Trip 20 210 6h Goofy
Food with a Friend 25 270 8h Goofy

Gallery Edit

Mickey and Friends
Pluto / Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse / Goofy / Daisy Duck / Donald Duck / Pete

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